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Ed Ruscha


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December 22, 2012 · 11:55 pm

“Believing is Seeing” CliffsNotes by Errol Morris

I have a list which I call “Believing is Seeing Made Simple.” I thought for those people who really don’t want to read the book, I would just list a couple of things and I’m not going to read all of it, don’t worry. “Believing is Seeing Made Simple.” This seems like a good way to cut myself out of a whole number of lucrative book sales, but notwithstanding. One, all photographs are posed. Two, the intentions of the photographer are not recorded in a photographic image. You can imagine what they are, but often it’s pure speculation. Three, I’m very fond of, then I’ll stop. Photographs are neither true nor false. They have no truth value. None.



–from Errol Morris’ website

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Delivery of Final Project

Hallo, all:

For the final projects, you are welcome to send them via email (you could use youtube or vimeo as hosting sources). You could also use a *page* of your blog to host your final project–email me to let me know you are finished– and you can attach the reflective analysis for the final project at that time.  There’s no need to come by the office tomorrow unless you have part of the project that you can’t email.

If you have DVDs or actual prints of your photos as your final project, please bring these to the Sweetland Center for Writing–and put these in my mail box or under my office door if I am not there when you come by.


If you haven’t heard from me by tomorrow evening, please send a follow up email to make sure that I’ve received your project and the blog guide.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve created–


It still seems strange that we won’t be meeting up on Wednesday morning.  Good luck with all your final tests and projects.  Safe journey home too.




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Discoveries from the Past

Banksy advises a look at Lindsey's blog

Banksy advises a quick look at Lindsey’s blog

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Your Essays’ Digital Lives

As part of your final flourish on your blog, please add your Essay I and Essay II so that these inventive and insightful essays you have created can have a digital life as well as a print life.

Please add each essay as a page (like your “about” page) and take away the MLA formatting–so that it looks  authentic to the screen, rather than to the page.  This means ditching the double-spacing and the MLA headings with your name, class, my name, and date.  I added example pages here on our class blogs as “essay I” and “essay II”–you could also use your essays’ titles instead–whichever you prefer.

I am looking forward to the works-in-progress and the projects tomorrow.

You are almost there.  Keep going, compatriots.

almost there

almost there

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Reminder about LHSP Portfolios

A reminder from Carol:

Portfolios are due on Dec. 7th.

Submit three pieces of art and/or writing completed during the semester (in or out of class, doesn’t matter). You can submit to; or hard copies to the office.

Art by Hannah Torres

Art by Hannah Torres

Note (from me): in past years, when you submit these pieces at the end of term, you can also request that they are considered as submissions for the LHSP journal–which comes in a lovely print edition.

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